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Sex toys are typically designed for cisgender men and women. But Trans*, NB, intersex and/or GNC folks can sometimes have a difficult relationship with sex toys as very few designers produce toys specifically geared toward their bodies.

While in the past Derock (under her WFH marquee) has focused on being a sex toy company “by women, for women,” her mission has shifted to where it should have been all along - by us, for us. A brand created by queer people for queer people.  

Indeed, Wet for Her’s beginnings started off with an intention to change how queer women and queer people were represented in the sex toy industry. 12 years ago, Wet for Her CEO Alice Derock was shopping for her and her partner and was let down by the selection of products marketed to her. There was of course a variety of pleasure products for women, but there were not many aimed at queer women. Unsatisfied with the lack of consistency and quality of toys for lesbian women and queer people, Alice took matters into her own hands and revolutionized the sex toy industry by crafting somewhere the queer community could take up space. Wet for Her has grown exponentially since then and is constantly shifting to meet the needs of the community.

As the brand is expanding, Derock is not interested in bringing toys that will simply “have to work,” she’s laser-focused on offering toys that are made FOR every member of our LGBTQIA+ community.


Along with much of society, the vast majority of sex toy companies carry the delusion that there are not only just two genders, but also that there are only two types of bodies: those with vaginas, and those with penises. Whether it be in representation or in toy offerings, it is no surprise that when it comes to sex toys, the trans*, NB, intersex and/or GNC folks in our community are constantly overlooked. 

Trans*, NB, intersex and/or GNC folks often find themselves having to be much more creative with toys than others. Sometimes that means it can be awkward or just not quite right. Because there are not a lot of options for toys catered to those outside of binary ideas about gender and bodies, they are cornered into thinking outside the box or ignoring the parts about the toy that aren’t for them. Sometimes they will find themselves settling for something that’s not great or makes them feel dysphoric, while others have thousands and thousands of options.


Every single person that is sexual should be able to feel empowered and affirmed when they use toys, whether they’re alone or with others. As a toy company founded by and for the LGBTQI+ community, Derock is focusing her attention where it needs to be by expanding WFH's offerings to include products for and by the trans*, NB, intersex and/or GNC community. 

There is no argument that trans*, NB, IS and/or GNC people know what they need the most, which is why Derock is working on this collection with trans* sex toy professionals and consulting through the community to create beautiful, sexy, empowering products. She will also be assisting her trans*, NB, IS and/or GNC teammates in this project to support production, marketing, etc. 

Wet For Her products are intentionally made to be neutral toned, with 100% medical grade silicone, and gender-inclusive.


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