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THE DINAH 2022: 

PALM SPRINGS, CA – There are no words that even begin to encapsulate the experience that the Dinah 2022 offered; but there are feelings – feelings of a shared community connectedness that left us all feeling epic!

2022 marked the first Dinah post-pandemic with all Covid restrictions lifted. Yet Dinah 2022 went beyond just being a back-together celebration. There was a palpable and very propound sense of spirituality and closeness that permeated the entire weekend.

“We had a blast! With thousands of women, it’s amazing how intimate the experience felt. So many fabulous memories to take back to Boston with us,” said Emmy Award Winner Charlotte Robinson, host of OUTTAKE VOICES™.

Dinah goers came from all over the world wearing their best fashion accessory ever: a smile! 
A big smile that put cheers, happiness, and glowing love in everyone’s heart. After all, what’s more contagious than a smile? 

The legendary event was filled with exceptional firsts: first time at one of Palm Springs’ most iconic Hotels, The Margaritaville (formerly The Riviera), first wedding to ever be officiated on stage at the Dinah, and the first time in Dinah history that “Dinah Virgins” demonstrably made up the majority of the audience. It reinforced the power of space that is absolutely ours!

What The Dinah 2022 beautifully accomplished is bridging the chasm between older and younger generations showing that The Dinah is even more relevant today than it has ever been before. 

From newly turned 21-years old LGBTQ individuals, Dinah old timers, queer influencers, community celebrities, international music superstars to emerging queer female singers and older lesbian identifying widows, all were part of this year’s Dinah DNA and storytelling.

“I’m old enough to be everybody’s grandmother,” says Darlene Bjork, first time Dinah attendee and recently widowed. “I’m 76, I enjoyed every minute of the four days I was there from the beginning to closing the doors on Sunday. The most fun I had was watching all the young women having the time of their life in such a wonderful place and being so free to do it. I met a lot of amazing young women and each one of then gave me a piece of their heart and I loved it.”That is The Dinah legacy – the ability to be connected to our LGBTQ+ lineage and those who came before us; a gift that transcends generations!

In the wake of SCOTUS overturning Roe Vs Wade which now threatens LGBTQ+ rights, The Dinah reminds us of the importance of connecting our community together and preserving queer spaces in a time where politics stand to threaten safe, diverse, and inclusive places for our LGBTQ community to come together. 

The timelessness and transcending aspect of the event was not just evident in the demographics but as well in the entertainment lineup which brought some of the most prominent fast rising queer female artists of today all under one roof.

Hanson put together an impressive roster that highlights the emerging queer female artists that are carving out space for themselves, crafting pop anthems and meaningful tunes that put the LGBTQIA+ community front and center in a music industry that often leaves them behind. 
And most importantly these are outspoken queer artists part of a new generation who celebrate queerness unfiltered and in the most authentic way.

Giving a voice to our LGBTQ community is still a necessity because our voices still need to be heard. And this new wave of new queer talent is not afraid to live and sing out loud teaching us to be authors of our own experiences and to be able to tell our own stories.

FLETCHER, Haviah Mighty, Zolita, Siena Liggins, Riela, IV4, Cassidy King, Siya and Taylor Dayne took the Dinah by storm and delivered one of the most unforgettable Dinah entertainment experiences ever.

"The 2022 Dinah was one of our best. Simply pure magic, from our amazing queer performers to the weather, and of course our amazing guests. 2022 was another unforgettable year of creating that unique and inspiring Dinah connection. We're excited that it went so smoothly and that our customers came together so gracefully to celebrate our lives and each other,” says Mariah Hanson, founder and producer of The Dinah.

The Dinah is also creating a viable platform for young unsigned emerging queer artists to thrive and get the visibility they deserve with its “Emerging Artist” contest. Koser and Pure XTC were this year’s winners and are already poised to join the list of fast rising talent to watch for in 2023.

The Dinah 2022 was about the invisible yet sensibly perceptible feeling of human experience.
Perhaps Taylor Dayne summed it up best …

“[The Dinah] is really bringing home the message of solidarity, like we’re making families and creating a sustainable lifestyle here. This is what we are, who we are, and we’re proud of it.”



Dates for The Dinah 2023 will be announced later.
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